Botox Injection in Lalitpur | Kathmandu Nepal

Botox injections are purified form of botulism toxic A. They work by blocking the nerves that contract muscles which creates wrinkles in our body. Even though botox injection are not a permanent solution for wrinkles it is very popular due to its effectiveness, easiness and it has no downtime. Generally botox injection is effective for 1-2 years.

In Nepal the popularity of Botox injections are increasing rapidly as it is affordable than getting a face lift surgery and it has immediate effects unlike lasers which take multiple sessions. We at NPCLC provide you not only with the service of Botox injections but we also provide you with the best quality of Botox available in world and only experienced and qualified plastic and surgeons to inject it. In addition to the Botox Injection we also provide Hydro filling Injections an Fillers to enhance your facial features.

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