Breast Enlargement | Reduction surgery in Nepal

In recent days Nepal have seen the boom in the breast surgery. Most of the females are not satisfied by their breast, be it overly large breast, unnaturally small breast, sagging breast or asymmetrical breast. We at NPCLC provide you the solution for all of the mentioned problems and many more. As there are many types of the problems regarding the women breasts so there are many type of solutions for them.

1.Breast reduction surgery.
2.Augmentation mammoplasty.
4.Nipple areola complex reconstruction.
5.Fat injection to enhance breast shape.
6.Reconstructive breast surgery.

1. Breast reduction surgery: In this procedure we reduce the size and shape of the breast surgically. This procedure is done for the patient who have overly large breast. Due to overly large breast there are problems associated with it, like patients usually feel uncomfortable with the weight, disbalance, and socio disadvantages. So to sort out the problem we perform breast reduction surgery which has outcome of optimal size and shape of natural looking breast.

2. Augmentation mammoplasty: In this procedure we increase the size and shape of the breast. This procedure is commonly known as boob job. This procedure is generally done for the women who have unnatural small breast. Due to unnatural small breast they have to face many problems like discrimination as well as humiliation and socio disadvantages. We at NPCLC perform augmentation mammoplasty for them so that they can achieve the fuller and perky breast. We at NPCLC perform this procedure either by adding silicon implants or autologous fat injection.
We have excellent track records with this procedure outcome.

3. Mastoplexy: In this procedure we enhance the sagging breast by changing and modifying the size, contour and elevation of the breast. Due to sagging of breast it causes lot of distress either cosmetic appearance or comfort of the patient. To get the elasticity back of the breast and to make it protrude and get it back to its original shape we perform mastoplexy surgery procedure. It is commonly known as breast lift surgery. The outcome of this surgery has patient’s breast back to its original shape and elasticity.

4. Nipple areolar complex reconstruction: This procedure is also known as NAC. It consist of nipple and areolar reconstruction. The outcome of this procedure leads to symmetry in position, size, texture, shape as well as pigmentation and permanent projection of nipple and areolar complex. This procedure is usually done for the patient who have undergone trauma over breast or breast cancer.

5. Fat injection/ fillers to enhance breast shape: Many women have asymmetrical breast and un-smooth surface on the breast. To sole these problems we at NPCLC perform Fat injection/ fillers to enhance breast shape. In this procedure we remove fat from other part of patient’s body ( especially belly) and after processing the fat inject it into the breast to enhance breast or if fat is not enough we also put fillers to enhance the breast.. The outcome of these procedure has smooth, perky, natural size and shape of breast.

6. Reconstructive breast surgery: This procedure is usually done for the patients who had traumatic breast defect or after the breast cancer surgery. We at NPCLC provide numerous method of reconstructing the breast defects using tissue expander, local flaps, free flaps.

All of the above mentioned procedure must be properly evaluated and done only by registered plastic and cosmetic surgeon for the best possible outcome. We at NPCLC not only provide you with these procedure in competitive price but also with best result and a complete privacy. We have the largest and best registered and qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Nepal as well as multiple super speciality doctors and surgeons.
Our motto is Make Life Beautiful.

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