Ear surgery in kathmandu Nepal

Ear surgery : Patients who suffer for ear deformities either at birth or due to trauma later on life suffers from negative socio effects, humiliation, loss of self confidence. Ear plays an important role in making any face normal and symmetrical. It also has crucial part in wearing of glasses and cosmetic purpose of wearing earrings. Any deformities on ear ruins the fascial appearances. Defects like split ear lobe, bat ear or prominent ear or otopostasis, microtia reconstruction, cup ear deformity, ear reduction are very common in Nepal. For all these defects surgical treatment is a must so that the post surgical outcome will make your face appear normal, functional, natural and symmetrical.

  1. Bat ear : Patients with Bat ear have abnormally protruded ears. It can either be unilateral or bilateral. In this deformity concha is large and anti helix and/or scapha are underdeveloped. Therefor the patient’s ear appear like bat’s ear.
  2. Split ear lobe: Patients who have suffered any type of damage in ear due to piercing, trauma and ear tear will have abnormal ear lobe. To correct these problems we at NPCLC provide surgical treatment for the patient so that they can achieve normal ear appearance.
  3. Ear reconstruction: Ear reconstruction is done for patients who suffers from congenital ear deformity like microtia and traumatic ear deformity from any kind of injuries.Ear Surgery In Nepal

We at NPCLC not only provide all the above mentioned procedures under one roof with best team of plastic and cosmetic surgeons but also in very affordable and competitive price. We at NPCLC advice you that all these types of procedures must be properly evaluated and surgical treatment should only be done by registered plastic and cosmetic surgeon for the best possible outcome. We at Nepal Plastic Cosmetic and Laser Center ( NPCLC) provide the best counselling and surgical as well as non surgical treatment. We have the largest and best registered and qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Nepal as well as multiple super speciality doctors and surgeons.

Our motto is Make Life Beautiful.

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