Eyelid surgery in Kathmandu Nepal

Blepharoplasty: This is a surgical procedure to correct eyelids for natural and enhanced look. The problems with eyelids varies greatly with individuals and according to races as well, therefore there are many types of blepharoplasty surgeries.

  1. Asian Blepharoplasty.
  2. Hooding Blepharoplasty.
  3. Baggy eyelid correction.
  4. Ptosis correction.


  1. Asian Blepharoplasty: Asian Blepharoplasty also know as asian upper eyelid correction or double eyelid crease is mostly seen in Mongolian races. Therefore more commonly known as Mongolian eyelid. As many people of Mongolian races does not have crease over the upper eyelid which makes their eyes look smaller and without the upper eyelid fold. We at NPCLC perform this procedure by two types open and closed technique. In closed technique there is no incision in upper eyelid skin therefore no visible scar post operatively. In open technique there is small incision made over the crease of upper eyelid so the post surgical scar in minimum and well hidden during the eye opening. The outcome of this procedure results in the crease in upper eyelid which makes the eye appear bigger and with upper eyelid fold.
  2. Hooding Blepharoplasty: Excess skin of the upper eyelids generally has lateral overlap of skin with crow’s feet giving the eyes sad and heavy look as well as often disturbs the lateral visual fields. We at NPCLC perform this surgical procedure to correct the excess skin of eyelid as well as the lateral overlap of skin. The outcome of this procedure has very small and animal scar which are well hidden and with the enhanced appearance of eye with bright and fresh look and no lateral bulging with affect the lateral field of view.
  3. Baggy eyelid correction: Also commonly known as puffy eyelid correction of lower eyelid correction. Due to this problem in lower eyelid has fat accumulation or herniated fat which in turn make lower eyelid bagginess or pouch like appearance. Due to this problem patients looks ike they have been crying whole night, or not slept well for long duration of time and therefor the swelling of the eye appearance. These problems create tired looking eyes. For this problems we at NPCLC perform Baggy eyelid correction surgery. We at NPCLC perform two types of surgical procedure Transconjuntival incision and external incision. In Transconjunctival incision technique the incision is made inside the lower eyelid, this is done mostly for the bulging of fat in lower eyelid to remove the fat. There are no post surgical scar in this technique. In external incision technique incision is made in the skin of lower eyelid. This technique is done so that excess skin of lower eyelid also can be removed so that lower eyelid will have rejuvenated look post surgically as well as reduction of the dark circles. The post surgical scar are minimal and well hidden by regular masquers.
  1. Ptosis Correction: This surgical procedure is done for the patients who have problems of drooping eyelid . The drooping of eyelid is due to the eyelid muscle dysfunction. This problem creates many problems including the hamper in proper eye contact and lazy look which may leave a negative impressions. We at NPCLC provide you with the solution for this problem by Ptosis correction surgery. This is by far the most difficult surgeries in all of eyelid correction. Sometimes depending on the degree of ptosis ( mild to severe) additional life surgeries might be needed to give you the best possible outcome.

We at NPCLC advise you that all of the above mentioned procedures must be performed by registered plastic and cosmetic surgeons for the best possible outcome. We not only have best registered plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Nepal. We also have many speciality doctors to provide you with best counselling, suggestions and to provide you with the best possible outcome of the surgery.

Our motto is Make Life Beautiful.

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