Body Fat Reduction surgery Price in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal have large population of obese people, most of them have large belly fat, this not only cause health problems but also causes the discomfort and negative socio aspect in life. People who have tried dieting and exercise and cannot get the desired outcome of the shape of there body we at NPCLC have solution for you. To reduce the excess fat in all body parts ( especially belly) we at NPCLC provide you with multiple therapies surgical as well as laser therapies which have shown best outcome.

  1. Laser Therapy :
    1. Lipo Laser: This laser works with heat. Heat is focused in a particular area and fats are dissolved. Lipo laser have no downtime and no side effects.
    2. Coolsculpting Laser: Coolsculpting or commonly known as coolz are used by the cold therapy where the temperature are dropped down to -8 degrees and fats are frozen and later fat cells dies due to apoptosis. Coolz have no downtime and no side effects.
  1. Surgical Therapy : We at NPCLC also provide you with surgical therapies for the fat reduction:
  2.  Mini- abdominoplasty.
  3. Full abdominoplasty.
  4. Lipo suction.

Abdominoplasty also known as tummy tuck is a surgical procedure in which we surgically remove the excess skin and fats from the middle and lower abdomen so that you can have tight muscle and fascia of abdomen with no more excess fat which bulges out. The post operative scars are well hidden in natural crease.

Lipo suction : We at NPCLC also perform the lipo suction for you. In this procedure we make small incision in area having excess fat and then we vacuum suction of fats from belly and other unwanted parts. The post operative scars are small and are well hidden. The outcome of this procedure is instantaneous and satisfying.

Nepal have one of the most population who are obese and have unwanted fat in different parts of the body. Recently body contouring or body shaping or body slimming have boomed all over the world. We at NPCLC now offer you the latest technologically advanced lasers which help you to achieve this feast of body contouring. We provide you not only the most technically advanced lasers but also experienced and registered plastic and cosmetic surgeon to perform these procedures for the best possible outcome.

We provide you with the multiple options for body contouring.

  1. Surgical : Lipo Suction : In this process we make a small incision on the area from where you want to remove the unwanted fat, we then vacuum suction out the fats from the desired area giving you the look you alway desired.
  2. Laser : We provide you with two laser options here at NPCLC :
    1. Lipo Laser: Lipo laser uses heat to melt you fat from the area where there are unwanted fat. There is no downtime and no side effects of this procedure.
    2. Coolsculpting : Commonly known as cools uses fat freeze technology which is very famous and common in Europe. This laser is the only laser in the world which gives you the instant result. After each session of this laser you will loose 1-3 inch from the given area of the body. This laser is so effective that it will continuously shows its effect till 3 months of the session. This laser also has no side effects and no downtime. This laser not only removes the fat from that particular body part but it also tightens the body part.

We at NPCLC offer most competitive price and best outcome. All these types of procedures must be properly evaluated and surgical treatment should only be done by registered plastic and cosmetic surgeon for the best possible outcome. We at NPCLC provide you the best counselling and surgical as well as non surgical treatment. We have the largest and best registered and qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Nepal as well as multiple super speciality doctors and surgeons.

Our motto is Make Life Beautiful.

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