Lip Surgery in kathmandu Nepal

Lips are very important part of our body and it has one of the most aesthetic impact of our faces. It is one of the most noticeable part of our face, but it also is very sensitive and gets injured frequently. At NPCLC we provide you with surgical lip reduction procedure where we remove the extra fat cells and tissues from unnaturally large lip (lower). The post operative scars are well hidden naturally as it is inside the mouth. After the procedure your lips will have natural look and will have tightness.  We also provide you with surgical procedure in the lips whether be it trauma or scars over the lips. We also provide you with surgical procedure for cleft lips. In addition to these surgical procedures we also provide you with laser therapies , we also provide you with lip augmentation by autologous fat transfer, Hyaluronic acid injection and dermal fillers to make your small lips more fuller and pouty. All of these procedures are performed by board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in sterile place.

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