Liposuction in kathmandu Nepal

Liposuction basically means sucking out the excess or unwanted fat from your body parts. This is a surgical process which we provide you at NPCLC. We can remove excess and unwanted fats from any body parts you desire. This procedure is minimally invasive and has very little downtime. In this process we use liposuction cannulas to suction out your unwanted and excess fats from any of the body part you wish to. We make a small incision so that there will be very small scars and the site of incisions will be selected so that it can be naturally hidden. Then we used liposuction cannulas to suck out all of the excess and unwanted fats from body part of your choice. The results are instantaneous and amazing. As there is no requirement of hospitalisation and general anaesthesia this procedure has been increasing in its popularity rapidly. All of the patients who underwent this procedure are thrilled with the outcome.

We at NPCLC provide you this procedure not only in the most affordable prices but all of this procedures are performed by board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

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