mole nevus birthmarks removal in Kathmandu

Mole Removal : Moles commonly known as naeves or birth mark or beauty mark is present at birth or even acquired throughout the life. It is visible, circumscribed, chronic lesion of skin or mucosa. Even though it is found in all human races the size and site of the mole or birth mark may hamper the aesthetic of person and it also sometimes create a negative socio impact. It may lead to loosing the self-confidence.

There are two method of removing the mole or birthmark 1. Surgical    2. Laser. We at NPCLC provide you with both options with the most competitive prices and best outcome.

  1. Surgical method : We at NPCLC remove moles and/or birthmark surgically. We excise the moles or birthmarks or naevus and the outcome has minimal post operative scar like fine thread like or zigzag string shaped which are well hidden. We also provide you with laser therapy for post surgical scars, which reduces the scars and diminishes the visibility of scars.
  2. Laser therapy : We at NPCLC remove moles and/or birth marks with lasers. We have specific and latest lasers machines to remove the moles and birth marks. In this laser procedure there are no downtime and no scars to be seen.
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