Tattoo Removal in Nepal

Tattoo removal:  Nepal have seen a boom in people getting tattoo. Many people who have tattoo either have it on spur of the moment or tattoo most of the times does not look same as they had anticipated or tattoo which they love have become hindrance in getting a proper job or affects how society views them. The removal of unwanted tattoos is crucial. We provide the option of tattoo removal by two methods

  1. Surgical therapy.
  2. Laser therapy.

We at KTM Skin Care provide you with the option with treatment of tattoo removal. Generally the size, site and colour of tattoo also determines the procedure required for tattoo removal.

  1. Surgical therapy : Patients who have very less time for laser therapy tattoo removal or have complex multi colour tattoo are chosen for surgical tattoo removal. The post operative scars are basically thin like a thread which can again later be diminished by laser therapy.
  2. Laser therapy : Depending on the tattoo colour and size we provide different modes of laser which are not only technologically advanced and new it works wonders on the tattoo removal. Our experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon performs the tattoo removal procedure so that the outcome has the best possible outcome.

We at KTM Skin Care advice you that all these procedures must be very well evaluated and performed by registered and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon for the best outcome. We at Kathmandu Skin Care not only provide you with the treatment therapies but also provide you with the best counselling. We have the largest and best registered and qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Nepal as well as multiple super specialty doctors and surgeons.

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