Eyelid Surgery In Nepal

Eyelid surgery in Kathmandu Nepal

Blepharoplasty: This is a surgical procedure to correct eyelids for natural and enhanced look. The problems with eyelids varies greatly with individuals and according to races as well, therefore there are many types of blepharoplasty surgeries. Asian Blepharoplasty. Hooding Blepharoplasty. Baggy eyelid correction. Ptosis correction.   Asian Blepharoplasty: Asian Blepharoplasty also know as asian upper … Read more

Skin Rejuvenation In Nepal

skin rejuvenation | Wrinkle reduction in Nepal

Wrinkle which symbolises ageing is now a huge problem for youth in Nepal. As UV radiation from sun hits our skin it speeds up our natural ageing process as it breaks down the connective tissue (collagen and elastin fibers) which results in wrinkles.Wrinkles not only youth look older and socially unpleasant it also decreases the … Read more

Body Fat Reduction In Nepal

Body Fat Reduction surgery Price in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal have large population of obese people, most of them have large belly fat, this not only cause health problems but also causes the discomfort and negative socio aspect in life. People who have tried dieting and exercise and cannot get the desired outcome of the shape of there body we at NPCLC have solution … Read more

Dimple Creation Surgery In Nepal

Dimple creation surgery in Nepal

Do you like to create dimple in your check? we at nepal plastic cosmetic and laser center will do best dimple creation in kathmandu .Dimple are small depression in cheek either on onside or both side which are either permanent or occurs during smiling. It is socially recognised as cute and beautiful things to have. … Read more

Breast Enlargement Reduction In Nepal

Breast Enlargement | Reduction surgery in Nepal

In recent days Nepal have seen the boom in the breast surgery. Most of the females are not satisfied by their breast, be it overly large breast, unnaturally small breast, sagging breast or asymmetrical breast. We at NPCLC provide you the solution for all of the mentioned problems and many more. As there are many … Read more

{gynecomastia} Surgery In Nepal

Gynecomastia Treatment Surgery In Nepal

Gynecomastia is now cured in kathmandu by KTM SKIN CARE by professional well experienced doctors. It is most commonly known as enlarged breast in men. It occurs most commonly due to disorder of various factors in gland or breast tissue. This problem causes social discomfort, self image problems, decrease in self confidence. We at NPCLC … Read more

Rhinoplasty Treatment In Nepal

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) Treatment in Nepal

Rhinoplasty more commonly known as the nose job is a surgical procedure which corrects or modifies your shape and size of your nose as you desire. Most commonly done in Nepal as a cosmetic surgery which basically means to surgically reshape your nose so that it fits and suits your face and appearance. There are … Read more